Wall Crosses

Tapered Wall Crosses
By Daylight or Dark
By day, the cross of your choice shows the sheen of a pearl white finish or a softly gleaming metallic one. Our finishes are permanently applied by a patented process and are not subject to weather or extremes of climate.

By night, if you choose to order backlighting, your cross appears in silhouette against an aura of light. We recommend backlighting for both exterior and interior wall-mounted crosses. On the basis of reports from congregations who have made this choice, the esthetic value of the soft glow from the cross indoors at services is equal to the nighttime beauty of their outdoor cross, casting its shadow in light.

When you order backlighting, the price we quote will include full length and width lighting, supports for transformer tubes, and installed wiring. . . and we will be happy to send scale drawings.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY. In addition to crosses, we produce a number of other church appointments as standard stock. Working in the fabrication of fiberglass, we have come to appreciate its amazing qualities. It has the toughness and durability to retain its shape and beauty far better than wood or metal. Its plasticity enables us to make strong forms, in designs that would be fragile made of other materials. These qualities challenge our creativity and help us solve special problems as a custom service. We think you will appreciate the reasonable prices which can be offered by artisans who work in one material — and know it well. We think you will also approve our taste in dignified and suitable items for the church.

Square Wall Crosses
The most widely recognized symbol on our planet is the cross. In any of its various designs, it not only adorns, but identifies and defines the places of Christian worship on every continent.

At our company we make a specialty of designing and producing wall-mounted crosses for churches. Skillfully wrought from laminated fiberglass, they have rigid construction, exceptional durability, and manageable weight.

The traditional (Latin) cross and the contemporary (tapered) cross shown here are available in sizes from four feet to 18 feet in height.

Naturally, we understand that in choosing a cross for your particular church you will want to consider both the architectural style of your building and the artistic traditions of your church history. For this reason, we offer custom fabrication in addition to the standard sizes and designs. We invite you to consult with us about your special needs.

All of our crosses come with mounting brackets which hold them at a four-inch distance from the wall. All are suitable for interior wall mounting (as behind the altar or pulpit area) or outdoor wall mounting (as on the gable wall or face of your church structure

About Wall Crosses
Wall Crosses are an excellent way to beautify either the interior or exterior walls of the church.The standard color is White with Gold or Copper as premium options. Backlighting is an great way to make any wall cross stand out. The factory installed lighting gives a luminous glow from behind the cross.

Our products are shipped by motor freight or privatecarriers.When the unit(s)arrive, sufficient manpower should beprovided to assist the driver with unloading.Many customers opt to save freight charges by picking up at thefactory.We are located in Mooresville, NC,conveniently located to 1-77,1-40 & 1-85.For customer pick-up,a FULL SIZE standard truck is needed without camper or tool boxes.Consult your dealer or factory for details.

Shown below are possible loading configurationsfor CPU customers.

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